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Location Mariensiel
For maintenance (BASE maintenance) and flight planning WIKING Helikopter Service GmbH is based at JadeWeserAirport on the south-western edge of Wilhelmshaven. The excellent, upgraded two runway system is approved for visual flight and instrument flight operations for fixed-wing aircraft up to 14,000 kg and for helicopters up to 20,000 kg. With Class F airspace and IFR flight operations (RNAV/GPS Approach) the JadeWeserAirport can operate in all weather conditions.
The JadeWeserAirport can also be used without restriction by our own WIKING air traffic controllers outside normal operating hours, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. The company's own refueling station makes us completely independent of the airport opening hours.
Located conveniently close to the motorway, the WIKING base is easy to reach by car on the A 29 Oldenburg-Wilhelmshaven motorway, Sande exit 6.
Bremen International Airport is about 90 km away and can be reached within one hour by car.
There are several hotels in Wilhelmshaven and Sande which can accommodate WIKING passengers, and which are about 10 minutes away by car.
Furthermore WIKING has a branch (hangar and ground handling) at Airfield Emden. From this location WIKING flies to different Offshore Wind Farms in the North Sea.

Location Emden

A location for departures to the North Sea is located at the Airport in Emden.

Location Great Oakley

Siemens Gamesa has awarded Wiking Helikopter Service with a long-term contract. Wiking will be in charge of the transport and hoisting of Siemens technicians to the wind turbines ant the 336MW offshore wind farm, located some 30 kilometres off the coast of Suffolk.
Initially, operations will be carried out from the base at Great Oakley Aerodrome until the new base in Harwich Harbour is available.

Location Helsinki-Malmi
A location for departures to the North Sea is located at the Airport Helsinki-Malmi, Finnland

Location Wick
A location for departures to the North Sea is located at the Airport Wick, Schottland
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