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WIKING Library

Sea pilot transfer by Helicopter to the tanker "FRONT OCELOT"
© Marc Petrikowsk
Image Video from the year 2015,
Video without sound

WIKING - Airbus Helicopter cooperation

Offshore Crew Change

Sea pilot transfer to "Emma Maersk"
Prince George Plays with a WIKING Helicopter as Royals leave Hamburg

Prince George Plays with WIKING Helicopter
Airbus welcomes The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Hamburg Finkenwerder
© Airbus 21. July 2017
Continue training- and safety-videos for our customers.
These are password protected. Please ask your contact person at flightdispatch for the user name and password.


Dear visitor, below you will find numerous photos of our service areas.
If you are interested in photos of our helicopter types, you can find them on the following pages:
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